Shifuzzaman Shikhor has made a name for himself around the country through his leadership abilities. From chhatra league to working with honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and eventually for his birthplace Magura-1, he has consistently remained faithful to his roots. He has played a vital role in carrying out his promises after winning the election from Magura-1 in 2018.

He has established trust and positive attitudes among the locals with the rapid advancement of education, medical care, communication and agriculture. Some of the significant initiatives he has done in the last four years are as continues to follow: establishment of Magura Medical College Hospital:  Sadar Road Improvement in four lines,  De-encroachment of rivers and provision of regular dredging, improvement of drainage systems,  Increase in number of culverts, Paving of all unpaved roads in Sripur Union, construction of plowed roads (Chachilapur to Sreepur Road, Sheikh Kamal Bridge), establishment of an IT Park at headquarters, establishment  Parnendu Diabetes Hospital, Construction of a 250-bed hospital in Sripur, Improving truck and bus terminal operations, establishment of a new railway line for trains to increase TCB product cards for poor and needy people, commencement of Garai Bridge work, building of a road from Kharibadia to Amal Shah,  improving the quality of community clinics, construction of 4 storey building in Panchapalli Government Secondary School,  distribution of fertilizers and seeds at low cost through cards for farmers, governmentalization of Altaf Hussain Women’s College with Pilot School Govt. , initiation of ‘Magura Hotline Service’ to provide proper service during Corona, improvement of road from Wapda to Highway Road, construction of 10-bed mother and child hospital next to Khadibari, construction of 150 bed hospital in Sreepur upazila, modernization of Asaduzzaman Stadium, Construction of Sheikh Russel Shishu Park for entertainment, construction of Central Mosque in New Bazaar, construction of temples, crematoriums and ashrams for people of traditional religion and establishment of temple centric education system.

He has quickly earned a place in people’s hearts Through his unwavering dedication to  Magura-1 . As a result of his dedication, 85% of Magura-1 people appear to be satisfied with his work. Locals consider Saifuzzaman Shekhar to be the most popular and accepted leader than any previous legislator, which will undoubtedly lead to more coordination and opportunities  for getting re-elected in the next election.  People believe that the steps taken in the last four years to develop the area have been sufficient and they are already seeing the results.  The progress result reflects his effort, which is evident to the people of Magura-1.